Twelve Leaf Resin Table

Twelve Leaf Resin Table
Title: Twelve Leaf Resin Table
Artist: Michael Hurwitz
Date: 2012
Materials: Ash and wenge with epoxy resin
Dimensions (H x W x D): 16 x 40" dia.
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Lender Credit: Collection of the Artist
Photo Credit: David Harrison
Price: $45,000
Object ID: 2015.MH.10
Notes: Twelve Leaf Resin Table represents a few important, ongoing design concerns for me. Firstly is the longstanding interest in developing a piece with a high strength to low weight ratio, and working toward that goal begins to help define an aesthetic. A harmonious and integrated whole, devoid of extraneous elements is the goal; simply put, the design is the structure and the structure is the design. I also wanted the transference of light and air to be an important part of the pieces presence.