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CraftNOW Philadelphia

CraftNOW Philadelphia unites the leading institutions, artists and patrons of Philadelphia’s craft community to celebrate the city’s rich legacy, its internationally-recognized contemporary scene, and its important role as an incubator for arts based in wood, clay, fiber, metal and glass.

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Summer Camp 2024
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Tools of the Trades

The annual Tools of the Trades hybrid conference focuses on connecting artisans and makers to business resources in Philadelphia and beyond. This three-day event provides a concentrated period for creative learning to help craft-focused businesses accelerate growth and find success however they choose to define them.



CraftNOW activates the city in conjunction with the Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show throughout the month of November. In 2023, CraftNOW presents the theme Craft Works which explores the work of making things, craft practice as labor, craft’s relationship to the needs of working people, and the power of craft to enact transformative work through communities.  The theme pays tribute to the important contributions of  gallerists Ruth and Rick Snyderman to Philadelphia’s craft community through their gallery, Snyderman Works.

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CraftMonth Itinerary

CraftNOW activates the city the days and weeks surrounding the Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show with the City of Philadelphia’s Art in City Hall and Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy having issued a proclamation naming November CraftMONTH

2023 Craft Works Exhibitions

Exhibition spaces throughout Philadelphia present the most honored and innovative artists working today in wood, clay, fiber, metal, and glass. Each November, CraftNOW highlights exhibits in museums, galleries, and other spaces to correspond with the Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show showcasing Philadelphia as an urban destination for craft and making.

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We invite you to explore the many institutions and individuals that contribute to Philadelphia’s thriving contemporary scene 

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The Center for Art in Wood
Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

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The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio