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CraftNOW Philadelphia

CraftNOW Philadelphia unites the leading institutions, artists and patrons of Philadelphia’s craft community to celebrate the city’s rich legacy, its internationally-recognized contemporary scene, and its important role as an incubator for arts based in wood, clay, fiber, metal and glass.

News & Events

Tools of the Trades

Join CraftNOW and NextFab March 23-25, 2022, as they present their first three-day digital conference Tools of the Trades connecting artisans to business resources in Philadelphia and beyond.

Parks and Rec Summer Camps

CraftNOW Create – Summer Camp Edition will return in 2022! Thanks to this collaborative, CraftNOW is bringing the wonder and imagination of the craft studio into Philadelphia neighborhood recreation centers across the city. 



CraftNOW activates the city in conjunction with the Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show throughout the month of November. In 2021, CraftNOW presents the theme Environmental Effects to examine how communities and interiors shape our experiences, when sustainability issues are expressed through craft, and the greater impact of our contemporary material culture.

In the Spotlight

PMA Craft Show

Experience craft and design by 195 of the best artists in the United States with even more international guest artists, November 11 – 13, 2022

Craft Capital Book

Order a copy of Craft Capital: Philadelphia’s Cultures of Making edited by Glenn Adamson and photography by Jessica Kourkounis

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We invite you to explore the many institutions and individuals that contribute to Philadelphia’s thriving contemporary scene 

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