CraftNOW Create – Summer Camp Edition! 

Summer 2024

July 1 – August 16





Welcome to Philadelphia’s biggest free art class!

Together with Philadelphia’s Department of Parks and Recreation, CraftNOW Create brings the wonder and imagination of the craft studio into every Philadelphia neighborhood.

Our partner organizations are coordinating their efforts to ensure we can offer an in-person craft workshop at all of Parks and Recreation’s 120 summer camps across the city. This program will deliver approximately 10,000 hours of craft instruction and reach up to 6,000 campers!

In addition, the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be providing take-home kits with art supplies and free passes to the museum for each student and up to five more members of their family. 

To learn more about participating in our immersive gap week camps, please visit


Made possible by Poor Richard’s Charitable Trust, the Howard Family Gift Fund and the Robbins de Beaumont Foundation and Marcia Docter

Philadelphia Museum of Art

2024 Education Partners and Activities


Ocean Creatures

What kinds of mysterious creatures inhabit Earth’s vast oceans? Learn about the intriguing world of underwater life. This program starts with a short, interactive science lesson about things living in the ocean and what kind of adaptations help them survive there. From there, children move on to a touch table, featuring real ocean creatures from Wagner’s teaching collection and ends with nature drawing from the collection.

Trash to Treasure: Upcycled Brooches

In this workshop, students will use various discarded items, such as paper and fabric scraps, bottle caps, remnants of past art project materials, etc to craft one-of-a-kind brooches. Students will learn innovative techniques to reimagine materials and cultivate an appreciation for sustainability and resourcefulness. Each piece of “trash” will find new life in the form of a unique brooch that reflects the individuality of the artist.


Claymobile is bringing a pop-up ceramics studio to the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation summer camps! Professional teaching artists from The Clay Studio will bring all of the clay and supplies needed to complete your own ceramics project!

Scratch Art Self Portraits

Students will use scratch art techniques and their imaginations to create portraits that represent themselves! The projects can then be decorated using a variety of craft supplies.

Mythical Creatures Zines

Learn all about different mythical creatures, and create a zine featuring them! Students will learn about different types of zines, folding techniques, and build their own zine using collage and other embellishments.

Art Environments

Learn more about art environments like PMG and then make your own mini-art environment with wood pieces, toys, and much more!

Viking Ship Building

Learn about the voyaging Vikings and their culture of shipbuilding, then build a mini ship of your own!

Gumball Poetry

Campers will learn about the robot shaped wooden Poetry Gumball Machine located at the Museum for Art in Wood, that dispenses lines of poetry in “gumballs” made out of walnuts! Then, explore their own ideas, inspirations and feelings, and create their own line of poetry.

Paper bag hand puppets

Use brown paper bags as a base to create your own unique puppet. Combine elements of your favorite animals, fantasy creatures, even robots and machines!

Recycled material animal sculptures

Working in groups or alone, create unique animals sculptures using cardboard boxes, egg cartons and water bottles, and decorated with paper, paint, nature finds and fabric scraps.

Painting with Fiber

Use contact paper to provide a sticky “canvas” on which to create a picture using recycled bits of yarn and fabric. The project will then be sealed for safekeeping!
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio