CraftNOW Create – Summer Camp Edition! 

Summer 2022

 July 5 – August 12


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Welcome to Philadelphia’s biggest free art class!

Together with Philadelphia’s Department of Parks and Recreation, CraftNOW Create brings the wonder and imagination of the craft studio into every Philadelphia neighborhood.

Our partner organizations are coordinating their efforts to ensure we can offer an in-person craft workshop at all of Parks and Recreation’s 120 summer camps across the city. This program will deliver approximately 10,000 hours of craft instruction and reach up to 5,000 campers!

In addition, the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be providing take-home kits with art supplies and free passes to the museum for each student and up to five more members of their family.

Take a look at the listings below and get inspired to do your own summer craft activities.

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Made possible by Poor Richard’s Charitable Trust, the Howard Family Gift Fund and Marcia Docter

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Education Partners and Activities


Tatreez Embroidery

Palestinian embroidery, known as tatreez, is an ancient craft passed down by women. Specific colors, stitches, and patterns all have purpose and meaning. Campers will learn how to cross stitch and take home tatreez-inspired keychains!

Recycled Crafts

Families will learn about the effects of pollution and climate change on the seas and what they can do to help! We will look at the work of Swedish scientists and activists like Greta Thunberg. This program is filled with hands-on STEAM activities and a take-home recycled craft.

Legendary Creatures

During this craft activity, students will learn about the mythological creatures that inspired the characters they see in games and movies. Using colorful clay, students will sculpt their own legendary creatures to take home!


Foster imagination and collaboration through larger-than-life group sculptures! Celebrate individuality and self expression through mixed-media air dry clay sculpture. Participants will get a taste of the endless artistic opportunities working with clay provides.

Hurdy-Gurdy Sculpture

In this project, students will dive into color and composition by working together to create their own collaborative wooden piece inspired by “Hurdy-Gurdy,” a piece by Mark Sfirri and Jean-François Escoulen.

Ruth Asawa Loop Techniques

Campers will learn about the life and work of sculptor Ruth Asawa, who developed a looped wire technique based on traditional egg baskets she saw in Toluca, Mexico. Using balloons, string, and glue, we will create abstract openwork sculptures. 

Isaish Zagar Mosaics

Students will learn about the art environments and mosaics by  artist Isaiah Zagar. Two projects will include making a mosaic sculpture by pressing tiles and other bits into self-hardening clay with some groups also making a fabric mosaic collage.

Roberto Lugo Vessels

Seize the Clay! Instructors will be bringing clay and cool tools to help campers make their own vessel inspired by Philly potter Roberto Lugo.


This workshop will teach students how to make a custom and personalized zine! Everyone will learn how to transform a single piece of paper into an 8 page mini book called a zine. Inspired by the world around us we will fill the pages of our book with observations, colors, and textures from our surroundings. 

Cardboard Loom Weaving

Turn a simple piece of cardboard into a weaving loom! Camp students will be learning how to make a basic hand weaving with acrylic yarn and cardboard looms that they can take home with them.

The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Center for Art in Wood
The Clay Studio
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio