A series of programs focused on economic opportunity through craft 

Starting with our study in 2019 and survey in 2020, CraftNOW is utilizing resources, partnerships, and networks to implement programs that further advance the local craft and maker industry in Philadelphia. These programs will unite creative businesses, increase the economic impact of the artisanal sector, and support policies that encourage investment in the field.


CapitalNOW – CapitalNOW will be an ongoing series focused on capital readiness to provide creative entrepreneurs with a working understanding of three key forms of funding – grants, crowdfunding, and financing – and the business readiness required to secure the investments and put them to good use. 

Keystone Alliance for Creative Economies and Entrepreneurship – This statewide partnership with the Pittsburgh-based Creative Business Accelerator will work to capture the impact of Pennsylvania’s creative economies.

Directory of Artists and Makers – Shown in world class museums and found in grassroots movements, Philadelphia’s artisans are able to draw from a wealth of accessible resources in the city to establish and grow their businesses and creative practices. 

Business Survey – This questionnaire was designed to understand and better serve Philadelphia’s craft and making community.

Roundtable – A multi-organizational conference was hosted to discuss the economic impact of Philadelphia’s artisanal sector and the policies that could encourage further growth in the field.  

COVID-19 Resources – This list of resources aims to help support nonprofits, artists, makers, and anyone in the craft sector that has been negatively impacted by the pandemic.


Banner image featuring Stacey Lee Webber