CraftNOW Create

Saturday, November 11, 2023

10am – 1pm


Smith Memorial Playground

3500 Reservoir Drive, Philadelphia




Craft steps out of the studio and into the hearts of Philadelphians with CraftNOW Create!

CraftNOW Create returns to the Smith Memorial Playground this November 11th from 10am to 1pm.

Demonstrations and activities will be set up on their wrap-around porch and immediately in front of the Playhouse.

Up to 100 kids will be accommodated each hour. Enjoying the playhouse and playground will also be encouraged!

Confirmed Partner organizations include:

Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, The Clay Studio, The Museum for Art in Wood, The Philadelphia Magic Gardens, The Philadelphia Guild of Handweavers, The Asian Arts Initiative, The DaVinci Art Alliance and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.



CraftNOW Create 2023 is funded by the Joseph Robert Foundation


Most projects are ideal for elementary-aged students. Details for our 2023 program are available below.

Group Sculpture

“Imagine, create, and collaborate on an enormous clay sculpture with teaching artists from The Clay Studio!”

Recycled Paper Weaving Chains

Create weaving chains with recycled magazines that can be turned into baskets or bracelets.

Bottle Cap Mosaic Magnets

Create your own bottle cap mosaic magnet with beads, tiles, and other colorful pieces.

Just Add Water!

Transform your colorful drawings into watercolor paintings! Make botanical-themed greeting cards and posters to share with your loved ones using this accessible technique for all ages.

Create your Own Patterned Bandana

Using stamps made out of recycled materials on upcycled fabrics, create your own patterned bandana.

Block Printed Cards

Color, pattern, and design–Block Printing covers a lot of crafty ground. We’ll use wooden blocks to create colorful cards for your loved ones.

CraftNOW Create 2022

At last year’s CraftNOW Create, 10 partner organizations presented craft projects on the grounds of Smith Memorial Playground.

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CraftNOW Create 2021

At 2021’s CraftNOW Create, 300 take-home kits were put together for students visiting Smith Memorial Playground.

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CraftNOW Create 2020

At the 2020 CraftNOW Create, 500 take-home kits were put together each containing 7 different activities. The kits were made available for pick up at 16 locations, which included partner galleries, retailers, schools, and community centers.

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