CraftNOW Create

Saturday, November 9, 2019

11:00am – 4:00pm

Kimmel Center

300 South Broad Street



On Saturday, November 9th, craft steps out of the studio and into the heart of Philadelphia with CraftNOW Create.  Enjoy a full day of hands-on exploration and take-home activities hosted at the Kimmel Center. All activities are free and family friendly. Stop by and join in at any time! 

2019 activities will be presented by The Center for Art in Wood, The Clay Studio, Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, University of the Arts and more.

Presented in partnership with the Kimmel Center for Performing Arts.

Made possible with funding from Blick Art Materials

with additional support from the American Craft Council and Freeman’s.

Sami Bracelets

The Sami nomadic tribes in the north of Scandinavia have a rich and ancient native culture. This is a great project for beginning or advanced crafters!

Cityscape Paper Cutting

The Guild of American Papercutters will be demonstrating a detailed papercutting cityscape technique. Enjoy seeing larger pieces come to life while working on your own smaller piece.

Racing Spools

The creation of these wooden racing spools is a few easy steps and you’ll be invited to race your spool on the racetrack with a cheering grandstand of wooden tool-handle people.


Animate clay characters using the art of stop motion. One person or a group of people can create a story, supply voices for characters, and share your creation with the world.

Button Making

Create your own wearable message from an assortment of dyed fabrics, thread, and printed texts to cut, collage, and press the materials into souvenir buttons.

Loom Weaving

Inspired by their craft collection, Philadelphia Museum of Art will help visitors create a large collective project as well as a takeaway small masterpiece using weaving techniques.

Mini Mosaics

Be inspired by renowned artist Isaiah Zagar and create your own miniature tile.

Portraits Clay

Watch portraits being sculpted from life in clay with Liza Masalimova.

Craft & Material Studies

Join the Craft + Material Studies program from UArts as they demonstrate wheel throwing, woodturning, jewelry making techniques and more!

Wooden Toy Making

Create your own classic folk-art toys! Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about woodworking techniques with hand tools and to make and take their own pieces.

Kimmel Center

300 South Broad Street