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Amy Sarner Williams

The inspiration for Amy’s work comes from the beauty of the natural world and the sense of wonder awakened through personal connection with the landscape.

Astral Projects

Astral Projects are ceramic vessels built for use, and feature geometric designs. Accessories- including bolo ties and pins- are created with a minimal, goth aesthetic.

Brian Giniewski

Brian Giniewski’s happy, drippy, colorful ceramics are handmade with great care in Philadelphia.

Diana Chamberlain

Diana Chamberlain produces objects for daily use, including vases, cups, mugs, jars, pitchers, tiles and coasters, and planters for the garden.


Each and every one of our wares are handmade to order by our production technicians in our Philadelphia studio.

Ian Petrie

By applying my narratives to functional pottery, I hope to encourage the user to examine a single moment from all angles.

Jenifer Baldwin

I believe that pots with character and purpose can activate our senses, awakening us to the material world, and honoring its mysteries through the daily rituals of food, garden, and home.

Jordan Mcdonald

Jordan McDonald is a Philadelphia based ceramic artist producing functional dinnerware, architectural fixtures and sculptural vessels.

Karen Singer Tileworks, Inc.

Karen Singer has been designing custom ceramic murals, awards, and donor recognition walls for twenty-one years.

Linda Johnson Studio

Linda Johnson Studio creates heirloom pottery for the home featuring tiny details, subtle textures, and heartwarming illustrations.

Little Clay Moon

Jennifer is a ceramic artist creating tiny art since the 1990s. The joy of creating tiny functional pottery continues to inspire her work today.

Manya Made Studio

Manya is a professional ceramic artist, creating ceramic objects, transforming feelings into art that combines a postmodernist vision of the world with sincere naturalness. 

Maria Albornoz

Maria makes functional ware for everyday life. Within the bounds of pottery, she seeks to elevate mundane rituals.

Merle Slyhoff Pottery

I work the clay in order to maintain a simplicity of design while considering the ergonomics of use.

Michael Connelly Pottery

The material clay as well as its process and products are my focus.

Natalie Page Ceramics

The echo of sensuality arises when an object has been imprinted with a living hand. I believe that what we surround ourselves with has a measurable impact on our lives. 

Nathan Wellever Pottery

In the fall of 2017 I began using local clay that results in a dense stoneware body that is full of character.

Neighborhood Potters

Our work is created in the rich cultural environment of the Fairmount neighborhood. We choose to make functional pottery because it enriches daily living.

Outlaw Arts/Six Senses Clay Studio

We make art in a truly collaborative atmosphere, making functional pieces that delight the eye and hand.

Palmer Planter Company

We offer our pots in a range of shapes, colors, and textures that are finished with the highest quality materials.

Peter Cunicelli Studios

Peter Cunicelli is a functional ceramicsist who has been working with clay since for over 20 years.

Roberta Massuch

Influenced heavily by the architecture of her surroundings, ceramicist Roberta Massuch creates functional pottery and sculpture.

Sarah Mazza

I’m a ceramic artist whose main body of work is about exploration in color and pattern on slipcasted ceramic forms.

Stover Ceramics

Wheel-thrown and hand-carved pottery, designed for homes and hands.

Teresa Chang Ceramics

Teresa Chang lives and works in Philadelphia, offering high-end, hand thrown, porcelain dinnerware.

Threet Ceramics

I use sgraffito to hand carve images onto the surface of my one-of-a-kind clay pieces.