Artists and Makers – Ceramics, Sculptural

Banner image by Roberto Lugo

Ceramics, Functional
Ceramics, Sculptural
Mixed Media
Textiles, Fibers
Textiles, Wearable

Adam Ledford

My decorative arts display social status and reflect a culture’s priorities and values.

Cliff Lee Porcelain

Cliff Lee transforms Kaolin clay into vessels inspired by Chinese Song Dynasty porcelain while creating Chinese glazes long lost to history. 

Constance McBride

I create my work through a lens of empowerment to address contemporary issues faced by women.

Darla Jackson

Through anthropomorphism and symbolism, I can convey emotions and ideas.

Dellis Design

Dominique Ellis’ visual practice and research investigates global craft traditions, architecture and history.

James Makins

I attempt to use a complex set of references from the history of ceramics and to fuse them with contemporary issues.

Jolie Ngo

Jolie Ngo is a ceramic artist who expands the potential of the vessel form by creating vibrant, “cyborgian” objects that acknowledge past ceramic traditions while advancing forward-thinking practices.

Lawrence Spitz

As a ceramist, I strive to capture these qualities in large thin vessels made of white and black porcelain clay.

Lisa Belsky

The work touches on ideas of preservation, memory and transformation. Each piece goes through some degree of stress, strain and trauma as a result of the firing process which causes folding, slumping, split seams and even collapse. 

Liza Masalimova

Yelizaveta is an interdisciplinary artist and educator with a background in sculpting the figure.

Marianne Tebbens

I create my pieces with a variety of clays and processes that foster my creative energies.

Nick Lenker

My interest lies in the prevalence of isolation and disconnection in an increasingly connected world and the impact of loss of intimacy within that space.

Peter Olson

Peter Olson is a Philadelphia-based photographer and a self taught ceramicist who makes pieces using an innovative hybrid process.

PC Studio

This sculpture and ceramic-design studio owned by Patrick Coughlin is located in the heart of Fishtown.

Roberta Massuch

Influenced heavily by the architecture of her surroundings, ceramicist Roberta Massuch creates functional pottery and sculpture.

Roberto Lugo

Roberto Lugo is an American artist, ceramicist, social activist, spoken word poet, and educator.