Artists and Makers – Furniture 

 Philadelphia is an all around great community for craft. It has the right amount of friendly competition and collaboration, whenever we need to outsource a process there is always someone nearby, our location allows us to have clients all over, there is a great network of art and design schools in the area that produce bright talent ready to work, and being one of the most nature dense cities Philadelphia gives us endless inspiration.

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Ceramics, Functional
Ceramics, Sculptural
Mixed Media
Textiles, Fibers
Textiles, Wearable


BDDW is an American design and fabrication company dedicated to timeless design, expert craftsmanship and forward-thinking manufacturing practices.

Bill Russel Studio

For 40 years, Bill Russell Studio has continued a tradition stretching back into antiquity by using color and imagery to embellish furniture.

Bolle Design

Bolle Design specializes in custom furniture and homewares made of reclaimed architectural elements in combination with new materials.

Bradford Woodworking

What I try to do is make furniture that has not been seen before, but still retains some familiarity.

Brett D Williams

B.D.Williams makes custom furniture that features an architectural aesthetic which harnesses natural materials within a geometric and line-driven structure.

Bruno Design & Build

Bruno Design & Build is a Philadelphia based custom woodworking shop specializing in high-end residential and commercial cabinetry and furniture.

Carl Durkow

Carl Durkow is based in Philadelphia and focuses on making distinctive objects to be lived with and cared for.

Condy and Wynn

Designers and Makers of Original Woodwork Crafted in metal, stone and hardwoods using traditional joinery.

CP Lighting

Heavily invested in American craft furniture, lighting design is where Christopher’s creativity blooms.

Don Miller

Working at the intersection of natural material, traditional processes, and historical form I aim to make objects, both useful and contemplative, that resonate beyond the moment.

Edgewood Made

Edgewood Made exists within the intersection of nature and manufacturing.

EDMM Studio

EDMM studio makes modern furniture and housewares in Philadelphia, by hand, one at a time.

Fuugs Woodworking

We are a locally rooted woodworking studio, committed to sustainable furniture making through the use of trees we salvage in the Philadelphia bioregion.

Furniture From The Barn

This family business designs, fabricates, and hand-finishes furniture from both reclaimed barn wood and new wood.


Friday makes compact folding desks and modular accessories, by hand in Philadelphia, PA.

Handler Studio

Everything we do is a self-portrait. I believe that the art and artifacts that a culture leaves behind tells more about who they are than any other marker of that society.

Jack Larimore

Jack Larimore makes work like good theater. He sets the scene, draws us into his story and then touches a nerve with his performance.

John Pomp

John Pomp creates contemporary, handcrafted furniture and lighting pieces inspired by the natural beauty of the living world.

Lang Hall

Lang Hall is a design and fabrication studio that offers luxurious, limited edition furniture, handcrafted with meticulous artistry.

Larissa Huff

I design, build, and finish furniture from local Pennsylvania hardwoods. I showcase the material and joinery as the primary design details in my work.


Lostine is an independent home furnishings company focused on creating a warm American Modern aesthetic. 

Minerva Enterprises

My mission is to create or preserve beautiful, durable pieces of furniture that families would be proud to pass down through generations.

Moseley + Killian

We invest deep thought into the careful design and craft of each piece that leaves our shop.

Octo Studio

This company creates one-of-a-kind, functional pieces hand-crafted from beautifully figured, local hardwoods and strong, renewable steel.


OVUUD provides custom lighting and furniture through meticulous selection of materials and simple design.

Rachel Fuld

I make furniture on the smaller side to fit into a city home, that addresses a functional need.

Rockridge Table Co.

Rockridge Table Co. is a Philadelphia based workshop that designs custom handmade furniture & dining tables using local, repurposed wood.

Studio Cidra

The foundation of our work is built on the principle that good design not only serves a purpose but also enhanses our everyday life.

Studio SPONG

In the studio, Park mainly creates studio furniture, commissioned woodworks, and other experimental works relating to music.


UrbanSawn designs and builds custom furniture and woodwork with urban function and sensibilities in mind.

Wild Chairy

Wild Chairy rebuilds and refinishes vintage furniture employing the old world techniques of upholsterers of a by-gone era.

William Alburger

My wood eco-art is an interesting mixture of natural beauty, spiritual metaphors, re-purposing and humor.