Artists and Makers – Glass

When I moved to Philadelphia in 1983 right after college, I didn’t know its significance to Craft History.  Nor was I in touch with the roots that grew into my passion for craft, specifically stained glass.  The community here has been like finding a family I didn’t know existed–and such a family!  Supportive, inspiring and stimulating.  I consider Philadelphia integral to my craft practice, although that might not be visible in the work, it is a deep undercurrent. 

Quote and banner image by Judith Schaechter

Ceramics, Functional
Ceramics, Sculptural
Mixed Media
Textiles, Fibers
Textiles, Wearable

Anna Boothe

These pieces are meant to be icons, pseudo-mirrors, or even prosthetics, that aid in self-comprehension.

Bernard Katz Glass

Bernard Katz employs a wide range of techniques to create his contemporary art glass sculpture.

Beyer Studio

The studio offers a full range of services in stained glass, including design and fabrication.

Daniel Clayman

His interests in engineering, the behavior of light, and the memory of experience, acts as an impetus for much of the work. 

Devon Harrison

Devon Harrison is a black animator, glass blower, illustrator and life-sized chocolate body part maker.

East Falls Glassworks

This glass studio includes a gallery, glassblowing classes, studio rental and work for sale by local artists.

Evening Neon

Evening Neon fabricates handcrafted neon lighting and sculptures, combining neon with found objects.

Greg Stefan Studios

Greg Stefan Studios Stained Glass Company was established in 2004 offering instruction and apprenticeship to proudly train and the next generation of Stained Glass Craftspeople and Artisans.

Jen Blazina

Jen Blazina is a sculptor and printmaker who uses glass as her primary medium.

Jerry Kott

Overall, the past, present and future is a goal I hope to express in my work is to strive for timeless quality. 

Jim Loewer Glass

I make playful work that you will want to hang in your windows, drink whiskey from, and give to your mom.

Jon Clark

Clark works with glass and mixed media, collaborative site specific installations, and an object maker.

Judith Schaecter

Judith Schaechter is a renowned Philadelphia-based glass artist known for her work in stained glass, drawings, prints, and sculpture. 

Le Puppet Regime

Le Puppet Regime ia a small glass company specializing in articulated, illustrated glass.

Megan Biddle

As an observer of nature, Megan responds to the elusive and subtle, reflecting on variations of time, cycles of growth and erosion.

Pavel Novak

His work is inspired by clean geometric shapes that feature bold colors and crisp lines that create kaleidoscopic results.

Remark Glass

Remark Glass is a zero-waste certified, woman owned business focused on innovative and creative glass reuse.

Sharyn O'Mara

Sharyn O’Mara’s practice spans several media and is interconnected by the marks of language and the language of marks.

Vetro Vero

Vetro Vero was founded to refine and pursue excellence in design, craftsmanship, and form.