Artists and Makers – Metalwork

Banner image by Stacey Lee Webber

Ceramics, Functional
Ceramics, Sculptural
Mixed Media
Textiles, Fibers
Textiles, Wearable

Anthony Hunt

I’m a full service fabrication expert with a mixture of skills that include: welding and metal work, laser engraving, soldering, and much more. 

By Ren

Rachael designs jewelry with the wearer in mind, ensuring your confidence radiates through each handmade piece.

Doug Bucci

Doug Bucci is an artist and educator whose work utilizes digital processes to explore and display biological systems.

Iron Studio Ltd.

Iron Studio’s capable team of artisans provide a unique mix of architectural ironwork, public art, sculpture, and retail.

John Rais Studio

Contemporary craft and fine art based blacksmithing and design studio working with galleries, design professionals and clients internationally

Joy Stember Metal Arts Studio

Joy creates handmade contemporary heirlooms from pewter and brass. Her work focuses on modern styled Judaica and objects for the home.

Kara Hetz

As an evolving jewelry artist Kara Hetz is continually exploring uncommon ways to present common forms. 

Kate Dannenberg

By using responsibly sourced materials and environmentally conscious products, Kate is bringing her respect for the natural world to every aspect of her practice.

Louise Pezzi

Every commission awarded to Pezzi starts at the drafting table and is executed to the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Moon Metalsmithing

Martin Moon is a Pennyslvania-based metal artist who works primarily with copper and silver.

Rad Mad Jeweler

Maddy specializes in making tiny hand carved sculptures and turning them into practical pieces of jewelry. 

Rossi Metal Design

 I specialize in modern architechural works, sculpture and accessories.

Sio Metalworks

My work is influenced chiefly by the Arts and Crafts and the Art Nouveau styles, though I draw inspiration from contemporary and historic sources from across the globes.

Stacey Lee Webber

Stacey turns coins into intricate sculptures of utilitarian objects. She also makes jewelry and statement pieces from sustainable and unconventional materials.

Wendy Stevens

All of my bags are made of stainless steel with leather and metal components and are hand fabricated and assembled.