Artists and Makers – Mixed Media

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Ceramics, Functional
Ceramics, Sculptural
Mixed Media
Textiles, Fibers
Textiles, Wearable

Aleena Glinski

Aleena is a metal artist, a fiber artist, and a painter, and enjoys blending these three mediums in her wall hangings. She hopes that her art will bring a sense of peace and well being into your space.

Amy Orr

Amy Orr is a studio artist and street artist whose multi-media practice involves the reinvention of found materials.

Beth Kephart

Beth incorporates cyanotypes, gelli prints, paper weavings, handmade and marbled paper, Bojagi art, word ephemera, and threadwork.

Bob Ingram

I seek to make things that have energy, warmth, humor, and zest that helps make life worth living.


I am a bookbinder specializing in repurposing of vintage book covers, to give them a new life. 

Brad Litwin

I am compelled to create mechanical systems that crucially and continuously depend on the inherent properties of our universe.

brkfst in March

Hannah has been working with flowers for almost ten years making dreid bouquets.

Carla J. Fisher

Through free motion machine embroidery, I seek the viewer’s visceral response of surprise as they realize the sculptured material is simply thread.

Caleb Andrews

I manufacture lighting, sculpture, wall art, and interior design/storage products via additive manufacturing (3D printing). I focus primarily on designs that can only be achieved via the advantages of the method, such as complex topological, and my work is primarily inspired by minimal energy surfaces/topologies found in both math and nature.

Carol Cole

My mixed media sculptures are inspired by the works of ancient and tribal artists and architects.

Christine Altman

Christine’s memories create a presence, interacting with and juxtaposing meanings to the found objects that are the basis of her work.

Deanna McLaughlin

As a visual artist and designer, Deanna McLaughlin creates unique artworks and custom creations for the home.

Dragonstairs Press

Dragonstairs Press is a nanopublishing house, dedicated to the creation of hand-made, small print-run, signed and numbered chapbooks.

Emily Squires Levine

Combining the ancient millefiori technique with the modern material of polymer clay to create vessels and other three dimensional objects.

Erika Burnett

I create quality one of a kind not cards along with bookmarks and gift card holders. My online store also carries a variety of other stationery items.

Galen Gibson-Cornell

Galen Gibson-Cornell is a visual artist working with a practice that combines urban exploration, found-material collage, and principles of détournement.

Gina Bosworth

I look for these astounding connections between media that affirm the relationships between the material and the human.

Global Craft Market

A collective of local immigrant artists who share their crafts to celebrate and sustain traditions from around the world. 

Harold Kalmus

We make beautiful knives for the kitchen. Knives of exceptional performance, a pleasure to use and a delight to look at.

Harry Anderson

Harry Anderson’s work as an artist has always been connected with an affinity towards the found object.

Heather Marie Scholl

I confront legacies of violence through the use of embroidery, sculpture, installation, writing, and education

Henry Merker

Philadelphia designer who is exploring practice by a rapid production process in which ideas are acted on quickly and reproduced into wooden pieces and lighting fixtures.

Isaiah Zagar

Isaiah Zagar is an award-winning mosaic mural artist whose work can be found on more than 200 public walls around the world. 

Jerry Kott

Using recycled glass or concrete, Jerry Kott creates whimsical and thoughtful lighting fixtures and garden sculptures. 

Jim Ulrich

All of my work springs from objects and materials I have found. The one thing they do tend to share is that they are generally a bit odd.

Kimberly Camp

Owner of Galerie Marie, Camp’s series of porcelain dolls include unique materials like antique trade beads and camel belly leather. 

Laura Kao

Moodio is a life and home design studio that creates thoughtful solutions for everyday objects that twist expectation and elevate a room. Founded by Laura Kao as a playground for innovative design, Moodio goods are handmade and new maker techniques are used for every unique collection.

Laura Sallade

Laura Sallade uses mylar, glass, and other translucent materials to embody formations of flux.

Mami Kato

Her work begins with an abstract concept that interacts with the sculptural process to give form.

Maria Schneider

Using laser-engraved plexiglass, paint, wood and LED lighting, Maria portrays, in juxtaposed images, the morphing neighborhoods of cities, the contrasting realities of the urban landscape in the 21st century presenting their past and the present through the buildings that mark the changing realities of these urban environments.

Mosaic Society of Philadelphia

We  promote appreciation and practice of mosaic art in through outreach in our community.


All our wallpaper is Class A fire rated paper and is suitable for commercial use in light traffic and decorative areas.

Peter Olson

Peter Olson is a Philadelphia-based photographer and a self taught ceramicist who makes pieces using an innovative hybrid process.

Raven's Wing Studio

Burnell Yow! is an intuitive artist who works in the varied media of painting, collage, assemblage, sculpture.

Revival Letterpress

Built on an obsession for design, old machines, and the letterpress aesthetic, my whole idea from the beginning was to bring to people print work of real value.


Ian strives to create heirloom quality objects that outlive their owners, the kind of products that have a very permanent feel.

Seher Erdogan

Seher Erdogan makes sensory-rich sculptural wall pieces that pair clay with wool, drawing inspiration from geometric and architectural form and the material culture of her birthplace, Turkey.

Silver Griffon Designs

I create lovely any occasions stationary featuring blank embossed note cards, die cut note cards as well as funky bookmarks.


Jeff Davis began molding vinyl records ver custom-made forms as a part of a graduate school thesis project.