Artists and Makers – Wood

When I moved back to the Philadelphia area in 1981, I was quite familiar with the Wharton Esherick Museum in Paoli and it continues to be a great source of inspiration. The Center for Art and Wood and the James A. Michener Art Museum are two institutions that began during my time here and have grown into really important influences with their exhibitions and programming. The Philadelphia area is so rich in craft and it makes the area so vital to all of us who are immersed in it.

Quote and Banner Image by Mark Sfirri

Ceramics, Functional
Ceramics, Sculptural
Mixed Media
Textiles, Fibers
Textiles, Wearable

ADHD Loops

His designs explore the use of repetition with generative and morphological software such as Rhino Grasshopper and Illustrator.

a.j. zone designs

Designer and builder Aaron Harel forges deeply textured works from up-cycled drum shells for high end spaces. each design manifests with the intention of generating calmness and order amongst randomness. balanced patterns, warm earth tones, and clean, organic-inspired design drive each one of a kind piece.

Andy DiPietro

“The art of my work is in the shapes I form together with the beauty of the wood.”

Colin Pezzano

Pezzano maintains and relies heavily on craft practices mixed with humor and pathos to define his work.

Daniel Ostrov

Ostrov’s work ranges from functional to sculptural, and includes wood-bending techniques and the integration of other materials.

Derek Weidman

Derek Weidman has dedicated the last seven years to exploring lathe-based sculpture. 

Dona Dalton

My process is fairly direct. I cut and carve on the band saw, using mostly poplar and pine to make toys.

John Thorell

John Thorell is a violinmaker who works with Fine new instruments of the violin family & Repair, restoration, and adjustment services.

Mark Sfirri

I make furniture and sculpture primarily in wood. Lathe turning is a specialty of mine often combined with carving.

Michael Brolly

Michael Brolly is a wood-turning artist who has exhibited internationally over the course of his career. 

Michael Kehs

Michael Kehs is a self-taught, expert craftsman who has been turning and carving wood for 27 years.

Miriam Carpenter

Carpenter is a contemporary artist who designs and creates both functional and sculptural works using wood as her primary material.

Pluma Avis Domus

Pluma Avis Domus means feather bird house in Latin and is the brand of Roberto Roque. Described as painting and wood collages, the work is made from repurposed wood and new ply.

Susan Hagen

I combine techniques of Northern European wood carving and painting, with methodology stolen from the genres of miniature crime scenes, doll houses and historical dioramas.


Untitled_Co is a Philadelphia based design studio that manufactures carefully crafted furniture and goods for the home. We design through an artist’s lens, at the meeting point of utility and art.