CraftNOW Create

Saturday, November 7, 2020



In 2020, CraftNOW Create became Philadelphia’s largest free art class!

The Joseph Robert Foundation supported the reimagination of this annual program with its first grant to our organization.

Partner organizations organized individual projects and 500 take-home kits.  We put these together into 500 bags filled with seven unique craft activities ideal for elementary-age school children. These were made available for pick-up at sixteen unique locations illustrated by the map on our website, which included partner galleries, retailers, schools, and community centers.

Once kits were no longer available, parents and students could visit a link on our website for a listing all of the materials needed to follow along during the virtual program, most of which could be found around the home.

Click below to see our 2020 activities.


CraftNOW Create 2020 was funded by the Joseph Robert Foundation


Swedish Holiday Gnome

Learn about Swedish holiday traditions by making your own felt Tomten gnome.

Butterflies & Dragonflies

Craft takes flight with these wooden sculptures made in clothespins, wooden sticks, markers and more.

Pinch Pot Animal Heads

Discover the basics of hand-building with air-dry clay while making a wild portrait of your favorite animal.

Kite Making

Local artist Alice Thompson created her print Brick Atmosphere, which will be brought to life through sound, gesture, and play through these kites.

Mini Mosaics

Be inspired by renowned artist Isaiah Zagar and follow along to create your very own miniature tile using beads and other colorful objects.

Puppet Building

Put together your own puppet using paper, felt, and buttons or build your own unique character with materials of your choosing. 

Felted Soaps

Find a bar of soap and wrap with the felted material in the kits to create a fun and squishy lather.