September 12, 2017 Fundraising Event
at the Philadelphia Studio of Isaiah Zagar

In the immersive glittery environment Isaiah Zagar has been constructing for nearly a decade, CraftNOW hosts its annual fundraising event with dinner and drinks plus raffle and art auction. Contributors include acclaimed chefs from Ela, Fond, Hardena-Waroeng Surabaya, Jaxon, Little Fish, Noord, Matt Rust Catering and Townsend with drinks poured by Moore Brothers Wine Company and New Liberty Distillery through Quaker City Mercantile.

Ticket holders will be contacted with event address and parking information. For questions and further details, contact

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2017 CraftNOW programming has been supported by Philadelphia Museum of Art Women’s Committee, Freeman’s Auction, and the Virginia and Harvey Kimmel Arts Education Fund.

Above image from the private studio of Isaiah Zagar.