CraftNOW Create – Summer Gap Weeks! 

Summer of 2022 CraftNOW Philadelphia introduces immersive weeklong art camps in partnership with Philadelphia’s Department of Parks and Recreation. While keeping the original format that allows us to reach 120 recreation centers across Philadelphia, we have targeted seven individual centers with multi-day sessions during the gap weeks between the end and start of school in late June and mid-August. Registered students will have more concentrated time with art instruction, tour some of the city’s most renowned galleries, and we together can have a greater impact on some of Philadelphia’s rising creatives.

Camps will be free for registrants on a first-come first-served basis. Registrations are being promoted and administered by the individual centers. Up to 30 students ages 6-12 can be accommodated for each camp.

Each camp will be unique! Listed below is an example of one itinerary, which includes a mix of hands-on activities and tours. Click below to learn more about our generous education partners and be inspired to try some of these activities at home!


Made possible with support from Poor Richard’s Charitable Trust, Howard Family Gift Fund, and Marcia Docter 

Summer 2022 Schedule

June 27th – July 1st

Email to register for Hancock Playground


August 15th – 19th

Email to register for Cherashore Playground, 950 West Chew Avenue

Email to register for Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Center, 700 Cobbs Creek Pkwy

Email to register for Samuel Recreation Center,  3539 Gaul Street

Email to register for Hillside Recreation Center, 201 Fountain St 

Email to register for C.B. Moore Recreation Center, 2551 North 22nd St

Email to register for Winchester Recreation Center, 2332 N 15th Street


The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Center for Art in Wood
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Clay Studio
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Clay Studio
Philadelphia Museum of Art

Hancock Playground Camp Schedule 

Monday, June 27

Past Present Projects visits the playground to introduce the life and work of artist Ruth Asawa and then uses balloons, string, and glue to help campers create their own abstract sculptures.

The Center for Art in Wood welcomes campers in the afternoon for a guided tour of the exhibition Spoons to Stir the Soul: The World of Norm Sartorius followed by a hands-on activity in their Old City galleries. 

Tuesday, June 28

Campers will start their morning with an activity led by The Clay Studio mixing air-dry clay and individual expression. After a lunch break, students will walk over to The Clay Studio’s new South Kensington facility for a tour of the galleries and an opportunity to try throwing on a potter’s wheel!

Wednesday, June 29

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens welcomes campers to PMG for a tour to learn about their art environment, the artist Isaiah Zagar, and different mosaic techniques. In the afternoon, students will create a mosaic-themed project inspired by PMG followed by a lesson exploring self portraits.

Thursday, June 30

Campers will spend all day visiting the iconic The Center for Architecture and Design to discover engaging projects based on real life career scenarios in design. With a focus on the architecture and built environment of Hancock Playground itself, campers will imagine ways to improve the existing structures, landscapes, furniture, and play areas to invent new designs.

Friday, July 1

Fabric Workshop and Museum looks for the incredible animals, plants, objects, and people we might find hidden in the landscape of our imaginations. Drawing inspiration from Hidden Yardage, 1978 by Will Stokes, Jr., campers will use the process of block-printing to create layered landscapes inhabited by elements of their memory and imagination. Later in the afternoon, campers can expand their landscapes into stories and cards!