CraftNOW Old City Walking Tour

Thursday, July 8, 2021
Tour starts at 5:00PM
Donations welcome!

CraftNOW Philadelphia is hosting a walking tour to some of Old City’s most renowned galleries and studios! Join us on Thursday, July 8th, at 5:00PM as we visit The Clay Studio, Pentimenti Gallery, Claudia Mills Studio, and The Center for Art in Wood. 

Tours will begin at The Clay Studio located at 139 North 2nd Street, Philadelphia. Tours will be limited to ten participants and masks will be required.

This event is in collaboration with the City of Philadelphia’s Arts and Culture Recovery Week (ACRW). To learn more, visit their website at 

Listed in order of appearance 

The Clay Studio

The Clay Studio gallery will feature three solo exhibitions, Peter Barbor: Falling Short of Heaven, Carly Slade: 137-139 N. 2nd Street, and Kopal Seth: Systematic Chaos. The work in these shows ranges from abstractions of the bustling city streets of India, to sculptures inspired by A Peaceable Kingdom, to a miniaturized and altered perspective sculpture of The Clay Studio building itself.

Pentimenti Gallery

Pentimenti Gallery’s summer group exhibition, visions of the new terrain, brings the work of nine artists together in response to the rapid pace of technological development and environmental devastation in a world freshly marked by global pandemic and civic upheaval. These works do not endeavor to carry the challenges that unfurl around them, but rather serve as guides, artifacts, and glistening beacons amidst the uncertainty and tumult from which they emerged.

Claudia Mills Studio

Working in a small production setting, Claudia Mills Studio designs and manufactures one-of-a-kind handwoven rugs that are unique in today’s textile market of global mass manufacturing. As part of the walking tour, the studio will provide a rug weaving demonstration and a tour of the new showroom.

The Center for Art in Wood

The Center for Art in Wood presents imaginative furniture and works on paper by Wisconsin-based maker and designer Tom Loeser in the exhibition Please, Please, Please. End your evening by shopping in CAW’s remarkable gift shop and dining out in Old City!