CraftNOW Create – Summer Camp Edition! 

Summer 2021

 July 6 – August 13


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Philadelphia’s biggest free art class just got bigger!

Together with Philadelphia’s Department of Parks and Recreation, CraftNOW Create is expanding to their summer camps. Thanks to this collaborative, CraftNOW is bringing the wonder and imagination of the craft studio into Philadelphia neighborhood rec centers. 

Our partner organizations are coordinating their efforts to ensure we can offer an in-person craft workshop at all of the 120 summer camps across the city. This program will deliver approximately 6,000 hours of craft instruction and reach up to 3,000 campers! 

In addition, the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be providing take-home kits with art supplies and free passes to the museum for each student and up to five more members of their family. 

Take a look at the listings below and get inspired to do your own summer craft activities!


Made possible with support from Poor Richard’s Charitable Trust and Marcia Docter

The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio

Education Partners and Activities


SWANA Art Exploration

Zellij, or زليج, refers to a North African style of mosaic tilework prevalent in Moroccan architecture. Al-Bustan will introduce students to the history of the art form and geometric design in SWANA culture. 

Voyaging Vikings

This program will explore Viking life, their early form of writing, and their epic stories while debunking the myths of this historic Norse culture and highlighting Vikings as heroes of Norse culture.

Upcycled Structures

During this craft activity, students will explore the importance of reusing and recycling items, keeping public spaces clean, and sustainability in art making by creating their own upcycled art pieces.


Students will be guided step-by-step through an airdry clay project. By the end of each workshop, students will have created their very own airdry clay sculpture will be given paints to complete the project at a later time. 

Flying Free

Inspired by the work of artist and poet Jonathan Lyndon Chase, participants will create their own  journals for telling stories, archiving their experiences, and holding their ideas and dreams.


ColorWheels is Fleisher’s mobile art studio, launched in 2012. Dubbed the “Swiss Army Knife of Art,” ColorWheels delivers creative experiences directly to community members in neighborhoods throughout Philadelphia.


Kumihimo is an ancient form of Japanese braiding. Students will learn to make their own kumihimo board and will start by learning the 8-string braiding technique. They can even take the board home!

Mosaic Techniques

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens will present an interactive presentation about their art environment, the artist Isaiah Zagar, and mosaic techniques. Students will will create two mosaic-themed projects inspired by PMG. 

Field of Flowers

Celebrate someone special by printing, stamping, and drawing to create a Faith Ringgold inspired art project.

We the Flower Field

Inspired by the summertime garden and animated by every participants unique sense of touch, this program will explore the creative potential of plastic shopping bags alongside the grounding, tactile qualities of clay.

Mini Tapestry Workshop

This workshop will allow students to exercise the basic tapestry weaving process on small pre-hand made cardboard looms. Students will be able to explore abstract lines and shapes through woven processes.