CraftNOW Create

Saturday, November 5, 2022

10am – 1pm


Smith Memorial Playground

3500 Reservoir Drive, Philadelphia



Craft steps out of the studio and into the hearts of Philadelphians with CraftNOW Create!

This year Smith Memorial Playground has invited us to host CraftNOW Create outside on their beautiful campus Saturday, November 5, from 10am-1pm. Demonstrations and take-home kits will be set up on their wrap-around porch and immediately in front of the Playhouse.

Up to 100 kids will be accommodated each hour. Enjoying the playhouse and playground will also be encouraged!


CraftNOW Create 2022 is funded by the Joseph Robert Foundation

Most projects are ideal for elementary-aged students. Details for our 2022 program are available below.

Worry Dolls

Kids will wrap small sticks with different yarns to create worry dolls, little friends that sit under your pillow and protect your dreams.

Sami Bracelet

Learn about the Sami people with this bracelet craft that incorporates traditional Sami colors and patterns.

Peace Pebbles

Create a Peace Pebble out of wood that can be kept in a pocket for when you might need some calming thoughts through the day.

Group Sculpture

Imagine, create, and collaborate on an enormous clay sculpture with teaching artists from The Clay Studio!

Crafted Paper Quilts

Learn how to dye paper using plants, then transform your creations by collaging and weaving them into one of a kind paper quilts!

Dream Planting

Join in on making plantable seed paper inspired by Rose B. Simpson.

Yarn Birds

Learn how to make a colorful bird from recycled cardboard and yarn.

Hojalata Tin Art Ornaments

Make your own colorful, embossed tin art ornament inspired by Mexican hojalata.

Dragons, Mermaids, and Gryphons, Oh My!

Combine different animals to create your own magical creature!

Handprint Stamp Trees

Kids will create a tree by tracing their hands and adding stamped leaves.

CraftNOW Create 2021

At last year’s CraftNOW Create, 300 take-home kits were put together for students visiting Smith Memorial Playground.

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CraftNOW Create 2020

At the 2020 CraftNOW Create, 500 take-home kits were put together each containing 7 different activities. The kits were made available for pick up at 16 locations, which included partner galleries, retailers, schools, and community centers.

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