Public | Private Exhibitions

Exhibition spaces throughout Philadelphia present the most honored and innovative artists working today in wood, clay, fiber, metal, and glass. Each November, CraftNOW highlights exhibits in museums, galleries, and other spaces to correspond with the Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show showcasing Philadelphia as an urban destination for craft and making.

CraftNOW’s 2022 exhibitions and year-long programming will center on the theme Public | Private and explore continually evolving concepts of shared versus personal space. Public | Private offers the opportunity to think about how handmade elements and crafted objects communicate whether architectural space is shared or private, and to explore which processes and aspects of their creative identities artists choose to share with their audiences.

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Banner image: Drew Leshko courtesy of Paradigm Gallery



Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture

Mary Tuma

American Swedish Historical Museum

Art for All: The Swedish Experience in Mid-America

The Center for Art in Wood

On Vessels: Containment, Embodiment, Ritual

The Clay Studio

Resident Alumni

Fabric Workshop + Museum

Jayson Musson: His History of Art


Functional Misrepresentations

Michener Art Museum

Walk this Way: Footwear from the Stuart Weitzman Collection of Historic Shoes

Moderne Gallery

Recent Acquisitions: Studio Furniture, Cereamics, Metalwork & Wood Art

*The Neon Museum of Philadelphia


Paradigm Gallery

Artwork by Drew Leshko

Past Present Projects

Talia Greene

*Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Wayne Art Center

CraftForms 2022

Wharton Esherick Museum

Home as Stage

Exhibition History

2021 Environmental Effects

In 2021, CraftNOW explores the theme of Environmental Effects, examining how communities and interiors shape our experiences, sustainability issues expressed through craft, and the greater impact of our contemporary material culture.

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2020 Cultures of Making

In 2020, the exhibition venues listed here had been in varying stages of scheduling due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Click to discover how CraftNOW partners continued to adapt and remain dedicated to their programming.

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2019 Craft Capital

In 2019, CraftNOW adopted the theme Craft Capital for its fifth year of programming with the definition of “capital” interpreted broadly for its relation to place, economics, resources, and prominence. This theme synchronized with CraftNOW’s programming for the American Craft Council conference Present Tense hosted in Philadelphia and the debut of our second publication Craft Capital: Philadelphia’s Cultures of Making edited by Glenn Adamson.

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2018 Making a Difference

In 2018, CraftNOW presented Making a Difference, a series of thematic programming for visitors to use as a lens for exploring how craft promotes positive change, social cohesion and meaningful dialogue.

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2017 Fluid Boundaries

From November 1 to 12, CraftNOW invited participants to explore the art of the handmade and the Fluid Boundaries of contemporary craft practices with a two-week event series offering public exhibitions, lectures, interactive activities and special events throughout Philadelhia, most free to the general public.

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2016 Analog/Digital

Analog-Digital” was a multi-venue, concurrent series of exhibitions branded as part of CraftNOW.  The  thematic  approach  to  the  series  encouraged  visitors  to  explore  intersections  between  craft  and  technology and to discover how craft continues to evolve in the twenty-first century.  These exhibitions were open in the days and weeks surrounding the PMA Craft Show and were promoted by CraftNOW as  complementing opportunities for residents and visitors to see high quality craft exhibitions throughout  the City.

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2015 Masters of Craft

During CraftNOW’s inaugural year in 2015, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Art Alliance, Center for Art in Wood and The Clay Studio honored 14 American Craft Council Fellows from Philadelphia who have had an enduring national impact through their works in wood, clay, fiber, metal, and glass.

Masters of Craft: American Craft Council Fellows in Philadelphia is documented, in its entirety, with a 160-page publication, including essays, artist profiles, and a full-color catalog of the included works. To purchase your hard copy today, email your request to You can also view the catalog free of charge online at the link below.

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