Craft Capital Exhibitions

Exhibition spaces throughout Philadelphia showcase the most honored and innovative artists working today in wood, clay, fiber, metal, and glass. Each year CraftNOW highlights exhibits and events to correspond with the Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show in November emphasizing Philadelphia as a destination for craft and making.

In 2019, CraftNOW’s upcoming publication Craft Capital: Philadelphia’s Cultures of Making will document the city’s current range of activity built upon its history. Each essay will reveal makers and institutions serving as anchors for community and generators of value. Our exhibition portfolio will highlight this theme with the definition of “capital” interpreted broadly for its relation to place, economics, resources, and prominence among other viewpoints.

In 2018, CraftNOW presented the city-wide exhibition series Making a Difference to visitors as a means of discovering how craft promotes positive change, social cohesion and meaningful dialogue. Click below to see what CraftNOW partner venues will have on view during your visit to Philadelphia.

American Swedish Historical Museum

From the Heart, Made by Hand
& Installations by Ted Hallman


Bertrand Productions at Globe Dye Works

Trish Demasi & Katarina Riesing: Fancy Pants


The Center for Art in Wood

Merryll Saylan: This is Your Life


Center for Emerging Visual Artists

Syd Carpenter


The Clay Studio

Making a Difference: Social and Political Activism in Clay


Fabric Workshop + Museum

Suzanne Bocanegra: Poorly Watched Girls


The Galleries at Moore

Space/Craft/Community: In Collaboration with the Leeway Foundation


Gravers Lane Gallery

Polly Barton: Intimate/Intricate/Radical


Icebox Project Space

Seven Sines: Julianne Swartz



Confluence: Teaching, Making, Ideation and Innovation

Moderne Gallery

American Studio Furniture:
Masterworks from the First Generation


Paradigm Gallery

Seth Clark and Alex Eckman-Lawn


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Rina Banerjee:
Make Me a Summary of the World


Phila Dumpster Divers at Dupree Gallery

Re-Crafted: Found-Object Art


PHL Airport

It’s a Wrap: 20 for 20


Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens

Ebb Tide: Sculptures by Tasha Lewis



Artist in Residence Shelley Spector


University of the Arts

Inspiration: Trace Collaborative Natural Dye Project


UArts, C+MS Gallery 316

Turbulance: Patrick Coughlin, Olivia Jones and Mallory Weston


Wayne Art Center

Craft Forms


Wexler Gallery

Roberto Lugo

Wharton Esherick Museum

Paintings by Becky Suss and the 25th Annual Woodworking Competition


1241 Project Space

We Are Here


Masters of Craft: American Craft Council Fellows in Philadelphia

During CraftNOW’s inaugural year in 2015, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Art Alliance, Center for Art in Wood and The Clay Studio honored 14 American Craft Council Fellows from Philadelphia who have had an enduring national impact through their works in wood, clay, fiber, metal, and glass.

Masters of Craft is documented, in its entirety, with a 160-page publication, including essays, artist profiles, and a full-color catalog of the included works. To purchase your hard copy today, email your request to You can also view the catalog free of charge online at the link below.

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