2018 Making a Difference

In 2018, CraftNOW presented Making a Difference, a series of thematic programming for visitors to use as a lens for exploring how craft promotes positive change, social cohesion and meaningful dialogue.

Top image from The Clay Studio exhibition

American Swedish Historical Museum

From the Heart, Made by Hand and Installation: Ted Hallman

Art Space 1241

We Are Here: Various Artists

Bertrand Productions at Global Dye Works

Body Double: Katarina Riesing


The Center for Art in Wood

This is Your Life: Merryll Saylan


Center for Emerging Visual Artists

Syd Carpenter


The Clay Studio

Making a Difference: Social and Political Activism in Clay

Dupree Gallery

Re-Crafted: Found Object Art: Philadelphia Dumpster Divers

Fabric Workshop Museum

Poorly Watched Girls: Suzanne Bocanegra


The Galleries at Moore

Space/Craft/Community: In Collaboration with the Leeway Foundation

Gravers Lane Gallery

Intimate/Intracate/ Radical: Polly Barton


Icebox Project Space

Seven Sines: Julianne Swartz


Confluence: Teaching, Making, Ideation and Innovation


Moderne Gallery

American Studio Furniture: Various artists

Paradigm Gallery

Seth Clark and Alex Eckman-Lawn

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Make Me a Summary of the World: Rina Banerjee

PHL Art at the Airport

Its a Wrap: 20 for 20: Various Artists


Philadelpiha’s Magic Gardens

Ebb Tide: Sculpture by Tasha Lewis

The University of the Arts C+MS Gallery

Turbulance: Patrick Coughlin et al


Wayne Art Center

Craft Forms and Cast: Art and Objects

Wexler Gallery

Roberto Lugo


Wharton Esherick Museum

Paintings: Becky Suss
25th Annual Woodworking Competition