The First Friday Preview, October 2020 

For nearly 30 years, art lovers in Philadelphia have reserved the First Friday of every month for gallery hopping. To continue this tradition, CraftNOW will help bring together a group of curators and artists for an intimate preview on Thursday nights



Thursday, October 1, 2020 

Watch and enjoy a cocktail with Manatawny Still Works!

“I Forgot That You Existed”
2oz Manatawny 4 Grain Whiskey or other whiskey
1 oz fresh lemon juice
¾ oz honey syrup (see recipe)
Dry cider to top (We’ll be using local cider from our friends at Ploughman)
Honey syrup
– 1 cup honey
– ¾ cup boiling water
– Combine, still until dissolved, store in refrigerator


On the Agenda –

Past Present Projects – Past Present Projects presents Distant Memory, a pop-up art installation in a pair of historic storefront windows on Fabric Row, featuring artists Emily Carris-Duncan and Colin Pezzano. Past Present Projects Founder Heather Moqtaderi and Curator Zindzi Harley will offer insights on Distant Memory, with commentary by the artists. 

NextFab – Join NextFab to learn more about their recent projects that support the local craft and artisan sector. This includes a brand new artisan accelerator program, which is specifically designed to help artisan entrepreneurs craft profitable business models and reach new customers, by giving them the essential tools, support, and structure to focus on the things that matter to build viable businesses. They’ll also talk about their new NextFab location, complete with private workspaces, expanded jewelry and textiles departments, and how they’re hoping to help the local community with their shared workspaces and equipment.

InLiquid – For October, InLiquid presents Satirical Candidacy, a two-person exhibition of Deanna McLaughlin’s and Florence Weisz’s politically based works. Through their use of wry humor and uncanny wit, McLaughlin and Weisz investigate past and current candidates, policies, and our current state of world affairs. For CraftNOW, Deanna McLaughlin will be discussing her new body of work included in the show with a special focus on our current president and the puzzling question of “what is on his mind?”

The Center for Art in Wood Last Call! The Center for Art in Wood invites you for a last look at Humaira Abid: Searching for Home with the curator and the Center’s Artistic Director, Jennifer-Navva Milliken. Through installations of to-scale fine cravings and miniature paintings, Abid transports visitors into a concurrent reality, one in which tens of millions of people have had to flee their homes, a human-scaled look at the worldwide refugee crisis.