The First Friday Preview 

For nearly 30 years, art lovers in Philadelphia have reserved the First Friday of every month for gallery hopping. To bring this tradition to you virtually, CraftNOW invites curators and artists for intimate previews on Thursday nights

This September Zindzi Harley and Heather Moqtaderi of Past Present Projects are taking over the program! They will be highlighting their recent exhibition with Black Quantum Futurism entitled Ancestors returning again / this time only for themselves at Hatfield House as well as hosting interviews for Jack Larimore: Sculpture at Atelier Gallery, Sarah Kavage’s Water Spirit at Lenapehoking-Watershed, and Wexler Gallery’s Embodied Abstraction.

Thursday, September 2, 2021, at 5:30pm (EDT) 

Watch and enjoy a cocktail with Manatawny Still Works!



On the Agenda –

In their current exhibition at historic Hatfield House, artist collaborative Black Quantum Futurism transforms the 18th century house into a time-travel portal. Titled Ancestors returning again / this time only for themselves, the exhibition includes video and sound-based installations along with artifacts and sculptural objects. Hear from exhibition organizers Zindzi Harley and Heather Moqtaderi of Past Present Projects, along with exclusive video interview with the artists.

Sculpture artist, furniture maker, and landscape architect Jack Larimore has been making three-dimensional work in various media for 35 years. His upcoming exhibition, Jack Larimore: Sculpture, will spotlight recent large-scale installations at Atelier Gallery.

Sarah Kavage’s Water Spirit is an array of site-responsive temporary sculpture installations, collaborations with other artists, and thoughtful events that are rooted, literally and figuratively, into the landscape. Water Spirit is part of Lenapehoking-Watershed, an arts initiative sited at 20 environmental centers across the Lenapehoking region.

Each artist in Wexler Gallery’s exhibition Embodied Abstraction is speaking about the impact of identity and history on themselves, their family, and their environment. Some of the artwork is intensely personal and emotionally powerful, some bears witness and offers social critique. The exhibition includes Angel Abreu, Henry Bermudez, Gerald A. Brown, Destiny Palmer, Isaac Scott, and Malcolm Mobutu Smith.