CraftNOW Create – Summer Camp Edition!

Summer 2023

July 5 – August 11





Welcome to Philadelphia’s biggest free art class!

Together with Philadelphia’s Department of Parks and Recreation, CraftNOW Create brings the wonder and imagination of the craft studio into every Philadelphia neighborhood.

Our partner organizations are coordinating their efforts to ensure we can offer an in-person craft workshop at all of Parks and Recreation’s 120 summer camps across the city. This program will deliver approximately 10,000 hours of craft instruction and reach up to 5,000 campers!

In addition, the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be providing take-home kits with art supplies and free passes to the museum for each student and up to five more members of their family.

Take a look at the listings below and get inspired to do your own summer craft activities.

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Made possible by Poor Richard’s Charitable Trust, the Howard Family Gift Fund and Marcia Docter


Philadelphia Museum of Art

This Years Education Partners and Activities


Making Friends the Nordic Way!

Students will learn about Nordic communities, or Gemenskap, through team STEAM activities. Participants will play Viking games, build models of the Sara Cultural Center in Sweden, and discover what it means to be a vän (friend) in Sweden.

Mindful Collage

Students will be introduced to Chigiri-e, a collage style from Japan that involves tearing paper and pasting together to create painting-like images and designs. Students will practice and understand mindfulness, will then put their learning into action and create their own colorful collages inspired by Chigiri-e.


Claymobile is bringing a pop-up ceramics studio to the Philadelphia Parks and Recreation summer camps! Professional teaching artists from The Clay Studio will bring all of the clay and supplies needed to complete your own ceramics project!

Geometric Patterns of the Mashrabiya

Geometric patterns inspired by the Mashrabiya—an essential component of Islamic craft and architecture. Campers will create their very own geometric patterns by tracing wood cutouts and adding color for fun finished designs. 

Musical Art!

Students will learn about Philly born artist Moe Brooker and the influence jazz music had on his art. Inspired by sound, we will paint and other mark making tools to create colorful, abstract pieces that imitate the music.


Hojalata, or tin art, is a folk art tradition that has been passed down through generations throughout Latin America. Students will get to make their own hojalata creations, using coloring, punching, and embossing techniques.

Paper Bag Puppet Pets!

Campers will combine their two favorite animals into a new pet. Everyone will learn about each others new pets, what they eat, where they live, and much more!

Cardboard Loom Weaving

Turn a simple piece of cardboard into a weaving loom! Camp students will be learning how to make a basic hand weaving with acrylic yarn and cardboard looms that they can take home with them.
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio
Philadelphia Museum of Art
The Clay Studio
The Clay Studio